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We boost the circular transition
of the fashion industry

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grazie all’upcycling

For decades the fashion industry has been polluting the planet by continuously producing clothes, which quickly transformed into mountains of textile waste.
Re4Circular aims to be the solution to this challenge.
Through circular economy we find a new use to each discarded garment as secondary raw material, maximizing its value and creating new jobs.

Documentario Textile Mountain realizzato da IFOAM – Organics International

Re4Circular is a technological service that helps stakeholders in the textile waste field to direct each garment towards the best way of circular recovery.
It is composed by an innovative digital marketplace that matches the B2B supply and demand of used clothes, as well as an Artificial Intelligence technology that extracts the useful data for the circular process from the picture of each garment, channelling it to the most efficient way to reuse it.

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