We Boost the Circular Transition in the Fashion Industry!

“Every waste an opportunity” is  our motto!”

Our project begun in 2019 collecting used clothes and cataloguing them in order to give them a second life!

We became a startup company in 2020 and that year we launched the first italian marketplace for upcycled garments.

We have built a network of 20 realities of tailors, designers, and social tailoring.

Thanks to this experience, we have gained a deep knowledge about textile waste sorting, its supply chain, and not the less the circular businesses’ needs (such as second-hand shops, upcyclers and recycling yarns companies),

So we have decided to find a solution to help to match textile waste with circular companies, valuing each garment on the basis of its features that can be useful to be a secondary raw material.

We came up with Re4Circular, an innovative B2B platform where circular firms can select what they want and buy the material directly from the collection hubs.

We are developing a technology based on Artificial Intelligence that will allow us to speed up the cataloging process and put each garment directly on the marketplace to be sold.


View the landing page of Re4Circular (click here) and stay update!


“Fashion is a tool to express ourselves, our personality and, now more than ever, our values”

Sara Secondo, co-founder and COO

“I think there is nothing more satisfying than transforming something useless and banal into something useful and wonderful”

Elena Ferrero, co-founder and CEO

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