Circular and Sustainable Fashion thanks to Upcycling

“Every waste an opportunity” is one of our mottos!”

We want to offer an alternative model to the “disposable” one! We want to spread a type of fashion that is attentive to the environment and social challenges. The name we have chosen, “RIFORMA” (in english “reform”, refers not only to giving new shape to clothes but also to realizing a real reform of the way we produce, buy and express ourselves with clothing.

Vogliamo offrire un modello alternativo all’”usa e getta” che sia attento all’ambiente e alle odierne sfide sociali


“Fashion is a tool to express ourselves, our personality and, now more than ever, our values”

Sara Secondo, co-founder and COO

“I think there is nothing more satisfying than transforming something useless and banal into something useful and wonderful”

Elena Ferrero, co-founder and CEO

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