Re4Circular is a platform that connects the entities of collecting and sorting used garments with the fashion companies/professionals that need them for their business of resale, recycling and upcycling.
The idea was born when we used to spend hours and hours carefully and manually collecting, cataloguing and sorting discarded garments, only to realise the reduced scalability of those processes.



Each garment is different, has unique characteristics, suitable for specific uses and can consequently be recovered in various forms by following different recycling routes.
For example, a black 100% cotton shirt with a hole in the back cannot be resold as it is. However, the same item, since it is made of one material and one colour, can be recycled, regenerating the cotton yarn for the production of new garments. The same, if made of a cotton-acrylic blend, cannot be recycled, but if in perfect condition can be reused by someone else. The cases are many, as is the variety of garments.
The aim of Re4Circular is to help organisations in the sector to collect data and catalogue garments in a precise and automated way, directing each garment towards the best form of circular recovery.

What are the ways to save a textile waste?

Garment reuse

For those garments in perfect condition and of good material that can be resold in second-hand or vintage clothing shops.

Mechanical or chemical recycling

For those garments consisting of 100% of a single material and colour from which new yarns and regenerated fabrics can be created.

Upcycling or refashioning

For garments of good material, but with defects preventing resale, which can be reworked with tailoring activities.

Padding and insulation

For those garments in very poor condition and with mixed composition, therefore not resalable and not recyclable, but usable in many fields of construction.



The artificial intelligence of Re4Circular, starting from a simple photo of the garment and label, identifies the characteristics relevant to recovery, e.g. type of garment, prevailing colour, season, material composition, etc.
A digital B2B sales platform is connected to this cataloguing technology, which enables the entities of circular fashion (e.g. second-hand shops, recycling companies, upcycling brands and artisans) to find and select the most suitable garments for their business and to purchase them online in a transparent manner.
Thanks to this platform, Re4Circular enables the match of B2B supply and demand of used garments, i.e. between the world of textile waste management and the world of circular fashion.

Re4Circular is being finalised and the platform will be launched in the coming months, visit the langing page and register in the form if you are interested in the service
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